Iā€™m always grabbing new markers, pens and spray cans from Krink, Molotow, montana cans and Copic. I love graffiti and the control these artists have with such a short, hectic timeframe. I also coined my tagger name AHol. Be on the lookout. And thanks for all of the inspiration.


The Head Hunters concept is one that I created during summer vacation 2018. It's my take on some future Jiu Jitsu apparel for a team branded The Head Hunters. This piece is the first bit that I digitized. I decided to try my hand in getting some stickers made. I think they turned out great. Thanks to The StickerApp.


The H

Lately I have really been into blackletter type. I have always had a love for pens and markers, but I have gotten into chisel markers and KRINK markers, which are amazing. So I drew a few blackletter H's with double pencil, outlined them and then freehanded one, trying to use all of these wonderful tools that are available to us today. 

Practice, No matter what

So I had the opportunity to draw with my daughter. The game she loves to play is, "you draw something while I draw something and then we switch. Then you draw what I drew and I draw what you drew." It helps me practice, and truly brings the joy, fun and release that I need at the end of the day.


I come from an animation background. But I have been in and out of the game for a minute so I have decided to learn new and innovative ways that studios and individuals are animating. Thanks to School of Motion for creating such amazing tutorials and classes.